SMM Team
JESUS MODELLED THE APPROACH that we use at Southern Mexico Missions. He invested in leaders to do the work of the ministry. That’s exactly what we do at Southern Mexico Missions. Our team includes the following leaders.

Aldo Santos. Aldo preaches throughout the region of Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico. He has been effective in planting churches throughout the area and helps the church in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

José José Aparicio. José José grew up in the mountains of Oaxaca. His uncle was martyred in spreading the gospel. José is a first-rate translator who has translated dozens of teaching materials that help us reach others for Christ.

Rodolfo Jimenez. Rodolfo lives in Putla, Oaxaca and circuit rides the churches throughout the nearby mountain areas, including the Zaragoza church, which has produced dozens of evangelists serving throughout Mexico and even congregations within America.

Eustacio José. He leads the church in Putla, Oaxaca and works with the Triqui Indians throughout the surrounding region. He opens his home to the mountain people who come to town to receive medical help and leads the family Christian camp in Zafra.

Rodolfo Gonzalez. He serves in the State of Puebla and over the past few years has led a house church to become a more mature congregation. He also reaches out to prospective communities for church plants by conducting children’s programs in various neighborhoods.

Curt Contreras. He serves La Magdalena Mixhuca chuch, the church that Gil Contreras served in Mexico City. Curt also oversees the work in Chalco. Curt also translates and teaches at our leadership seminars. He makes visits to our various team leaders and shares ideas about how to promote the gospel further.