Aldo Baptizing

This brother needs your prayers now.

Our Evangelist in Chiapas, Aldo Santos, is a prolific church planter and tireless worker. He always is striving to plant new works and lead people to Christ. He has baptized many, many people throughout the region. Additionally, he preaches almost every Sunday at his home church in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital of Chiapas.

Recently, Brother Santos was sidelined by an extremely painful and chronic medical condition. The preliminary diagnosis is trigeminal neuralgia—an agonizing condition that affects the main nerve in the face. Surgery is one treatment option, as well as pain management with powerful medications. Pray that he will find relief through God’s intervention either directly or through medical help. Pray that God will relieve him of this burden.


River baptisms are a common occurrence where Aldo ministers. He has baptized many souls into Christ.

Chiapas River Baptism