News from the Texcoco Church

With the expansion of the church building in Texcoco, we’ve been able to minister in different ways to many more people. Sunday mornings are averaging around 80 people. During this time we’ve added a couple new families through our children’s ministry. New parents have told us that their children wake up early on Sunday and tell the parents to ” get up its time to go to church.” We are so thankful for their pure hearts and the lessons we can learn from little children. We continue to find new ways to minister to our teens. Having two of these becomes a challenge. Teens are full of energy and their hormones are kicking in which makes understanding them that much harder. The youth are excited to participate in church activities and youth rallies. We are very thankful for the excitement they bring to the church.

ExerciseWe’ve started a morning exercise time every week day for church and non-church members. Currently, we have four people coming to this. It’s a great time to start the day—exercising and then praying for our daily needs. Most women who come to this are not Christian, and we are constantly finding ways in which we can meet their needs by being the light that Jesus wants us to be everywhere we are.

Lula continues working with two groups of women during the week with the “Healing for the Wounded Heart” program, which continues to open doors for her to witness and share what God can do through you even through very difficult situations.

Justin Schroeder, a member of our church in Texcoco, has been doing a great job with our mid-week Bible studies. He is also in charge of weekly youth activities, encouraging our teens to grow closer to God. Huge praise for this ministry.

Marcos Herrera, who has been with us for quite a while now, continues to do a great job with our music ministry. He preaches when I am gone visiting other churches. He has truly been a blessing to my life and the ministry in Texcoco. He is very responsible, dedicated, and a great servant leader. He has been teaching many of our youth to play instruments. He is truly a great brother in Christ with a servant’s heart, I am thankful for his ministry not only to the members of our church but also to my life.

More in an upcoming post.