Field Report—Zaragosa, Oaxaca

rodolfoj-01Rodolfo works in the mountains of Oaxaca. He reports that a church group that had been having some difficulties with leadership finally appointed deacons, which is a good step towards what God wants from then as a congregation. Rodolfo was called to help out with this church when they had problems with a division in the congregation, having deacons is a great success

About every two years, Rodolfo has to do community service in his home town of Zaragoza, or he loses privileges to live there. Since Zaragoza is his main area of work, he doesn’t want to lose this position. They know he is a minister, and he always has opportunities to leave when he has church related activities. They have had key people in leadership pass away within the last year—some because of health issues, others because of murder. Still the ministry in Zaragoza continues.  They named some brethren who are in a test period for them to be able to lead in the congregation.  Pray for Rodolfo and his family as he has to be far away from them days at a time in order to travel these congregations in the mountains.

Rodolfo’s family (pictured above)