Field Report—Putla, Oaxaca

tacho-01Tacho reports that they continue with the expansion of the building in Putla, Oaxaca,. The expansion has been slow, but the brethren are doing the best they can to build. One of the biggest obstacles Tacho faces in his community is that some families have had to move out of town to go to other states or even travel to the US to find work. This can be very discouraging at times, but they continue to minister to these families through phone calls and email correspondence.

In the town of San Isidro (a Triqui community) they’ve started a new cell group with new families. They’ve been sharing with them the plan of salvation. Please pray for this region because there is a lot of political unrest. The Triqui Indian tribe is a hard one to evangelize because of their strong roots in animism. It can be a very dangerous area to be in at times.

Please be in prayer for the different towns Tacho ministers in because there has been issues of envy and gossip among the Christians, Tacho doesn’t like to see this but is dealing with it accordingly, pray for wisdom and safe travels.



Indigenous Triqui Indians


Triqui woman being baptized